3 Best Cloud Storage Companies for Small Businesses

a drawn image of a lock in a cloud symbolizing cloud storage companies

Today, there are numerous apps and companies that offer cloud storage for small businesses—Dropbox, Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, and a slew of others you may not have heard of. Finding the right one can seem like a daunting task. As a small business owner, you don’t like to waste time. We’ve saved you the effort and done the research for you. Our list below reviews three of the best cloud computing companies for you and your small business.

1. Box

Box is a great cloud storage service for small businesses. The Business package isn’t the cheapest cloud computing option, but it’s one of the most useful bundles available. It costs $15 a month per user. Requiring a minimum of three users, this plan allows employees and owners of small businesses to collaborate and share documents from any device. Edits and other changes can be made to files, so you can ensure that your team’s documents are always up-to-date.

2. JustCloud

JustCloud is an easy-to-use, effective, and inexpensive way to ensure that your work files are always within reach. This program is downloaded to the device or devices you want it to sync with. After it is downloaded, it will automatically backup your saved files or just the files from designated folders. The company also places an emphasis on data security, boasting a 265 Bit Encryption. You can use the service freely with 1 GB of space before deciding to upgrade.

They offer three cloud storage packages (Home, Premium, and Unlimited) with various billing options (every month, every six months, every year, or every two years). Their most popular package, the Premium package, provides customers with 250 GB storage for $6.95 a month, but if you purchase a longer subscription, you’ll shave quite a bit off that monthly cost. For two years of service, the Premium package costs $118.85, which is a monthly charge of just $4.95. Other features for this service include 30-day money back guarantees for all packages and technical support that is available around the clock.

3. Dropbox

The final company on our list is Dropbox, another inexpensive way to boost your small business. Its tiered plans allow it to grow with your business. This also means that if you don’t need an exhaustive suite of features, you can choose lower-level plans to save even more money. Dropbox Basic accounts are always free, but their 2GB limit means that they are most useful for individuals. Individuals can also purchase up to 1 TB of storage on Dropbox Plus plans for $8.25 a month. Individual Plus plans only record version histories up to 30 days old, however.

There are 3 business-level plans, though all of them offer version histories dating back 120 days. This gives businesses more peace of mind that they can recover old data or documents. Standard Business plans cost $12.50 a month with storage capacity up to 2 TB per team. The plan also comes with priority email and live chat support. Advanced plans have no storage limits, business hour phone support, and an array of administrative tools for $20 a month. They even offer enterprise-level options for particularly large companies.

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