Information Security Degree

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Those who hold a degree in information security (IS) have risen to be in high demand due to the rising number of computer security risks with increasing technology.

Employment for Information Security Degree Graduates

A specialization in information security can help prepare students for many aspects of what it takes to work in the field of technological security. Information Security degree-holders have the ability to work in many fast-growing areas, including but not limited to designing technological policies, programs, and protocols for organizations; auditing and analyzing information security systems; and analyzing disaster recovery for organizations whose systems have been compromised.

Coursework for IS Degrees

Those interested in pursuing a degree in information security must complete the necessary coursework and certifications to prepare them for a career in the field. Some of the courses available at some colleges specialize in specific areas. Coursework in data privacy and security and web security allow students to examine many issues specific to keeping information private and secure, as well as ensuring compliance with legal business laws and standards. Students can also learn how to protect individuals from external, web-based threats that can compromise their online data.

Also available are courses in business continuity, preparing students to react and recover from compromised security on a business level that threatens to break up crucial functions of the business. Finally, courses are available in security planning and auditing, in which students learn crucial skills in risk analysis and assessment and how to design and implement a high-quality security protection plan.

Information Security Skills & Certifications

Graduates of an information security program will have been adequately prepared for many different high-demand careers. Their skills will include the ability to develop and implement security strategies that comply with state and federal laws, develop antivirus software, recover compromised data from security breaches, and gathering data to help prosecute online crimes. These skill sets are in high demand in industries throughout the country, from business and retail to education and healthcare.

To further prepare students for work in the field and provide them with even more specialized skill sets, they can receive several certifications. The GIAC Security Essential Certification, Certified Wireless Security Professional, GIAC Certified Firewall Analyst certifications are just a few of the options available to further careers in the field.

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