Jobs You Can Get With a Business Administration Degree

Business administration is one of the most popular college degrees—probably in part because of the wide range of opportunities available to business administration graduates. However, one of the most important aspects in discovering which jobs you qualify for is which level of degree you have or plan to attain.

From an associate’s to a doctorate in business administration, here’s a look at which jobs the degree will qualify you for.

Associate’s Degree in Business Administration

An associate’s degree in business administration focuses largely on accounting, management, and how to use the systems you’re going to need. There are variety of great jobs, even at the lowest level of business administration.

Office managers and administrators work in offices (from doctors to vets to schools), overseeing much of what goes on there; this might include managing employees, scheduling, payroll, inventory, budgeting, and supporting other staff members. Executive and administrative assistants assist higher level employees, creating itineraries and travel plans, office duties, and handle correspondence and communication. Operations managers deal with much of the inventory, budgeting, and purchasing of a company’s particular goods. Accounting supervisors essentially manage accounting teams and may handle customers as well. Payroll specialists deal mostly with making sure employees are paid in accordance with state and federal laws—with a special mind to tax law—and must also have a good understanding of the company’s budget.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

There are so many opportunities for a bachelor’s degree in business administration, it would be overwhelming to discuss each of them in any length here. However, if you consider positions you are most likely to be qualified for upon graduating for college, the list becomes much more manageable.

Financial analysts are in charge of preparing budgets, for both the near and far reaching future; they may also advise companies about what to do with financial assets. Account managers work closely with clients; they might be selling the company to the client, hold meetings with clients, or train new account managers joining the company. Other jobs well suited to a bachelor’s degree include:

  • Human Resources Generalist
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Customer Service, Sales, Department, or Project Managers
  • General Manager or Store Manager
  • Division Manager
  • Small Business Owner
  • Supervisor
  • Training Specialist

Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Many people choose to get their master’s degree immediately after their bachelor’s, while other opt to go out into the workforce for a few years before getting an MBA on the side. Along with a potentially sizeable payscale increase, MBA jobs become much larger in scope.

Marketing managers figure out how the company needs to advertise themselves to meet goals. Human resources specialist are employee-centered. They make sure employee rules and regulations are up to code and in accordance with laws, as well as finding ways to boost performance and provide appropriate benefits. Medical and health services managers work with medical institutions to keep the business and legal side of things running smoothly.

Doctorate in Business Administration

As you gain your doctorate, you rise into the ranks of those who lead, consult, and teach. The upper tier positions of companies become open to you, and you can achieve executive and upper management positions in just about every aspect of business—marketing, finance, accounting, strategy, operations, human resources, pretty much whatever you’d like your specialty to be.

Additionally, you can teach at a collegiate level, molding the next business minds going out into the field through your own unique experiences. Consulting positions can encompass anything from helping individuals launch a company to telling whole companies how to run their business better. If you’re looking into a business administration degree, it is important to know what you want so that you can begin making yourself stand out in that aspect of the field as soon as possible.

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