Top 5 Digital Marketing Programs

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Digital marketing is a way for businesses to reach customers through a variety of means, including social media, Google search, email, and their own websites. This method can seem a little complicated at first, but after taking these digital marketing programs, you could reach more customers than ever.

1. American Marketing Association—eLearning

The American Marketing Association has eLearning courses that are designed to help you understand digital marketing. These digital marketing programs involve six modules containing downloadable tools, case studies, knowledge checks, and simulations. Each module is only an hour long, so it’s easy to access them and work at your own pace.

The modules include Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, Web & Digital Analytics, Digital Content Marketing, and Online Advertising. You can choose to pay for each program individually at $99 each ($49 for AMA members). You could also pay for access to all the courses at once for $445 ($220 for AMA members), a nearly $150 savings.

2. Coursera—Drive Customer Behavior Online

Coursera is a valuable resource for anyone looking to take university classes at home. Drive Customer Behavior Online is presented by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a six-course digital marketing program that teaches you a variety of skills. Students will learn to reach their customers through several platforms. Each course takes four to six weeks to complete, but you have the choice to go at your own pace.

The beginner digital marketing program enrolls in July every year, meaning that you can always register the following year if you cannot make this year’s course. To take this digital marketing program, you must sign up for Coursera, which does cost depending on your subscription level.

3. Udemy—How to Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

For those who already understand digital marketing but need help starting their agency, this Udemy class is perfect. How to Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency is a program that will guide you through the steps you need to be successful in digital marketing. Some of the top skills include setting up a WordPress website, understanding the basic concepts of SEO, finding new clients, and also creating proposals for customers. This program is $195, but you can find it on sale from time to time.

3. Udemy—Marketing Strategy to Reach 1,000,000 People with SEO

Is your SEO strategy holding you back? Having a good SEO strategy is essential to digital marketing. This digital marketing program is designed to teach you everything about reaching your customers and gaining new clients. On top of learning SEO strategies for social media websites, this course teaches you how to use essential digital marketing tools, gain publicity, and effectively use offline strategies. The course is $200, but Udemy offers regular discounts for this digital marketing program.

4. Udemy—The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017

Lastly, you could take this 12-in-1 program that focuses on providing a comprehensive digital marketing overview. With this complete course, you’ll learn how to market on Facebook, YouTube, other social media, as well as through email. This programs is currently one of the highest enrolled digital marketing programs and costs $200. You may be able to catch it at a discounted price through Udemy, however.

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