Top 5 Online Homeschooling Websites

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The Internet has revolutionized almost every area of daily life, and homeschooling is no exception. As a parent, you can choose from many online homeschooling curricula and programs. Here are five homeschool websites with the best homeschool online programs available.

1. Time for Learning

One of the oldest homeschooling websites, Time for Learning, makes learning fun and easy. The fun comes through animated lessons, interactive activities, and printable worksheets. The ease comes in the form of automated systems that let students work at their own pace, language arts and math lessons geared to state standards, and detailed reporting. Time for Learning is an affordable homeschool online program at just $30 per month.

2. Connections Academy

If you’re looking for a homeschool website where your student learns with the help of a teacher and you act as a learning coach, Connections Academy is the program for you. With an intense focus on superior education and preparation for college, Connections Academy bridges the gap between homeschooling and public education.

This program provides a well-rounded academic program, which also includes gifted programs. Connections Academy offers public school programs free of charge in conjunction with many public school districts. The school also offers a private school option for students who do not attend a public school involved with Connections Academy.

3. Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA)

Liberty University Online Academy is one of the best-known Christian homeschool websites with one of the best homeschool online programs. In accordance with the mission of Liberty University, LUOA’s homeschool curriculum is Bible-based and founded on Christian principles. This is a great homeschool website for the Christian family wanting a quality Christian education for their students.

Tuition for LUOA varies according to the student’s grade level. For full-time students in grades two through eight, tuition is $2,475 per year. High school courses are $495 per credit. Families with more than two students enrolled receive a discount for additional students. New students will pay an application fee of $25 and all students pay a technology fee of $150.

4. K12

K12 works through the public school system, providing a public school education at home with you, the parent, as a learning coach. K12’s certified teachers instruct students in the subjects they would learn in public school, using both online and offline methods. Students get all the learning advantages of a public school with the benefits of learning from home with this homeschool website. If your school district works with K12, you can apply through your school for the K12 program. All services and materials are provided free through K12 as a public school.

5. Patrick Henry College Preparatory Academy (PHC)

PHC offers online advanced placement (AP) courses for homeschooled students, with a Christian worldview. If you have a high school student preparing for college and want to be sure of the best preparation, PHC is for you. PHC offers individual courses, so you can supplement your homeschool curriculum with specific AP courses from PHC or build an entire curriculum of PHC courses. One-semester courses are $490 and year-long courses are $690, making PHC the most expensive school on this list. However, the cost may be worthwhile for AP courses.

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