5 Ways to Cut Your Cable Bill

cable bill and scissors cutting cable cord

The price for cable is on the rise, and it seems like every time we open our most recent bill, the number continues to climb. Instead of paying these increasingly high prices, consider one of these five ways to cut your cable bill.

Drop Excess Channels

Look at the channels that you have, and consider which ones you never watch. Channels such as HBO are premium channels that can raise your cable bill quite a bit. If you watch these channels every day, then you might be getting your money’s worth, but if not you might consider watching your favorite shows online through free TV websites such as Project Free TV. Additionally, many channels will offer free access to recent TV shows simply by logging in with your cable provider. You can examine your bill to determine if you have premium channels that are increasing the price, or you can simply call your cable company to find out.

Switch Providers

If you’ve had the same cable provider for several years and it doesn’t seem like you’re getting the best deal, it may be time to switch. The best thing about changing providers is that you’ll get first-time customer deals, even if you’ve used them in the past. First-time customer deals are usually the best, but you need to keep in mind that these aren’t permanent contracts. The price cut usually lasts for about six months to a year, depending on who you choose to use.

Local providers are also a fantastic option rather than the big companies such as Comcast, Cox, and Time Warner. Local cable companies have a lot more flexibility and will often provide better long-term prices.

Consider Bundling

When you bundle your services with one provider, the price of your bill can drop drastically. Many providers have the ability to bundle your internet, cable, and telephone (if you still need one). Additionally, you have the option to buy your own equipment when you bundle. Internet services require you to rent a modem monthly. Instead, purchase your own and set it up to reduce your bill by up to $10 per month!

Ask about Deals

Even if you’ve been a customer with the same cable provider for years, you can call customer service and ask about current deals. Many times, you can increase your internet speed or increase your list of channels temporarily for a discounted price. However, you should keep in mind that this price is usually only good for six to twelve months — but after the promotion is over, don’t be afraid to ask for another! Most cable companies are more than happy to assist you in finding lower prices, so they can keep you as a loyal customer.

Ask for Discounts

Even larger companies consider loyal customers an asset. If you’ve remained with the same provider for several years, or even a decade, consider asking for a loyalty discount. It won’t hurt to ask, and the worst thing the customer service representative will say is, “No.” Other potential price cuts to inquire about include AAA, student discounts, AARP, and affiliation discounts. You can save hundreds of dollars per year with a simple question: “Do you have any discounts?”

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