Choosing the Right Mattress

a close up view of a mattress pattern

It is a fairly expensive purchase, but more importantly, it is something that you will use every day, so choosing a mattress that is right for you can be a tough decision.

While a number of different factors go in to getting a good night’s sleep, the mattress is the first building block of a restful slumber. Whether you are waking up with back pain, having trouble falling asleep at night or just know that it is time for a new one, there are some tips that you can use for choosing that perfect mattress.

Personal Preferences Matter

You won’t find any sure fire checklist of things that will help you find that perfect mattress, as it is an incredibly personalized item. Some people go for the softest pillow top bed they can find, while others want one with rigid back support and no give whatsoever, and these preferences will likely change over your lifetime. The best way to find out what level of firmness is right for you is to not be shy when you are shopping for it! First, pick out the three mattresses that will fit your budget and look like ones you can enjoy, and then spend at least 15 to 20 minutes on each one of them in a normal sleeping position. It can be helpful to bring your own pillow, as this will best simulate how it will feel at home.

A Pricey Mattress Doesn’t Mean Perfect

Don’t let yourself be deceived by price tags, as the most expensive mattresses are often not any better than the mid range ones in terms of manufacturing quality. You are likely paying extra for a brand name, so it can be smart to go for the discount model and save a few hundred bucks for basically the same thing. Also, check the label for any potential allergens. You don’t want to get the mattress home only to realize a few nights later that you are allergic to one of the materials.

Partner Problems

If you have a significant other, then this will likely be a decision requiring input from both partners. Not everyone has the same preferences when it comes to firmness, so it is vital to have both of you in the store testing out potential candidates. If you and your partner cannot agree on a firmness level, there are many adjustable beds that allow for different levels of firmness on either side. These usually cost a little more, but it will save you and your partner tons of headaches down the line.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice that can be given to a mattress shopper is to take your time. Even once you get it home, it is important to sleep on it for a week and then make the determination of whether or not to keep it. Most mattresses offer returns during a two week period because it can be hard to tell whether or not one will be the perfect fit from a 20 minute in-store sit. Now go get some rest!

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